The Best Dualit Coffee Grinder

Wondering which is the Best Dualit Coffee Grinder?

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The Best Dualit Coffee Grinder

Dualit 75015 Coffee Grinder

dualit coffee grinderThe Dualit 75015 Coffee Grinder is one of the most popular coffee grinders on the market today. It averages 4.1 stars out of 5 from 143 reviews and is currently REDUCED from £79.95 to £69.99 with FREE DELIVERY.

The Dualit 75015 produces consistent ground coffee, while also preserving the maximum aroma of the beans by rotating at a slower rate than other machines.

With 10 grind settings, there’s a useful portion control dial to allow you to grind only what is required for each serving. It also comes with removable burrs and a handy safety cut-out feature.

The large 250g hopper lets you brew up to 35 cups of coffee before a refill is needed, which is far more than your average coffee grinder.

The compact size makes it ideal for use in smaller spaces and the stylish design makes the 75015 a great fit in any kitchen.

The 75015 Dualit Coffee Grinder has been described on review as “amazing”, an “exceptional quality appliance” and “strongly recommend”.

Here are some recent reviews in full:

dualit coffee grinder“I am a coffee enthusiast, roast (monthly) and grind (daily) my own coffee Waited a year before I write my review. It is an excellent appliance, fine to course grind with no problem, never clogged, never failed. Takes 10-15 seconds to grind enough for two or three cups (Can set it to make enough for up to 10 or more cups), have used it two or more times a day for a year now. Would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys freshly ground coffee daily.”

“This is far superior to my previous grinder that used a rotating blade. This is a burr grinder that turns beans into a much finer powder. It seems to be built to a high-quality level & is easy to use as well as looking good. It’s all-in-one which also makes like easy, catching the ground coffee without any spillage.”

“Had my doubts when I ordered this as a gift for a coffee fanatic… BUT he tells me this is as good as the shop machines…. you can adjust the quantity and from two cups to 10 he finds the 2-cup setting is right for him for one cup. The grind settings produce a variety from very fine to course depending how you make your coffee. For the Jug method using a cafetier it produces excellent quality grind. So once purchased the beans can sit in the top section and you grind only what you need when you need them. THIS is NOT a large machine which it appears to be… so takes up little room on the counter top.”

“Works great so far. It’s my first grinder so nothing to compare it to other that the already grounded coffee I’ve purchased. I have set it to the finest grind but comparing the results to the already purchased grounded for expresso I must admit it does NOT grind as fine but for my DeLongie expresso Cappuccino machine with only 5bar of pressure it’s perfect as the finer grind renders my machine unable to express the coffee but with this grind it works perfectly….I’m very happy with the purchase.”

“Bought this grinder in September 2012. Am writing this review in December 2015. At the time of purchase I was thinking of buying a more expensive grinder but in reality this has worked really well. I like nice, freshly ground coffee and this machine has worked perfectly, without hitch, for three years. Satisfied customer.”

“This is my first burr grinder. It grinds quickly, evenly, consistently and relatively quietly and I’m very pleased with the results. If you’re looking for a grinder and can afford it, I dualit coffee grinderstrongly recommend this.”


The Dualit 75015 Coffee Grinder comes with a one-year warranty and is currently REDUCED from £79.95 to £69.99 with FREE DELIVERY.

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As you can tell many people think that the 75015 is the Best Dualit Cofffer Grinder on the market, and we’d have to say we agree with that.


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