The Five Best Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

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The Five Best Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

Today we are looking at the five best bean to cup coffee machines around, using number of sales and quality of feedback as a guide to measure popularity and functionaility.

So lets dive right in to our top 5 countdown…

Best Bean To Cup Coffee Machines – Number 5

De’Longhi Bean to Cup Coffee Machine – ESAM2800

best bean to cup coffee machinesAt number five we’ve gone for the De’Longhi ESAM2800 for its appearance, value and all round performance.  The ESAM2800 comes with a sleek aluminium and black finish which makes it a great addition to almost any modern kitchen top.  Its dimensions are 28.5 x 36 x 37.5 cm meaning that it does not take up too much room whilst at the same time being of sufficient build quality to encase all of the components required of a leading bean to cup coffee machine.

One of De’Longhi’s best-selling products, the ESAM2800 features an integrated professional burr grinder with 7 adjustable coarseness settings.  Using fresh beans with the machine results in a rich, full, coffee aroma as if you were buying it fresh from a shop.  However it also comes with the option to use pre-ground coffee at the click of a button.

It has all of the the functions required to make any type of coffee:

  • If you’re a fan of espresso the advanced boiler system will be your best friend – whether one or two cups it will always be the perfect temperature;
  • With the handy steam wand you can create textured milk for a cafe quality cappuccino;
  • The automatic milk function allows you to create textured milk, ideal for a coffee shop quality latte;
  • And a long black is…well a long black!

Functionality and ease of use are some of the stand-out features of this coffee machine.  The brewing unit is completely removable, making cleaning it super easy, and it comes with rinse and decalcification auto-programmes to reduce water hardness.

The unit includes a self-priming system which means its always ready for use.  It has an automatic shut-off setting that kicks in after a pre-set period of time, and the instant re-heat function ensures that the core of the machine is always at the perfect temperature for an espresso.

The De’Longhi ESAM2800 includes a traditional milk frother, emovable 1.8 litre water tank, high performance 15 bar pump pressure, adjustable burr grinder (as above), energy saving function, and power supply switch for zero consumption.

Here are some recent reviews:

“A great machine well worth the money, great quality and a perfect coffee to top it off every time. I thought it would be difficult to use but it was easy to use and fit just nicely under the unit top. The froth maker I find hard to get the milk frothy but give it time and you will get it.”

“My husband and I bought the coffee machine as a present from each other. Although it is more expensive than any coffee maker we have had before it is worth every penny. Makes lovely coffee from beans or ground coffee. Froths the milk for cappuccinos. Not to difficult to understand how to use.”

It took just a few cups to get the settings personalised and away we went. Wonderful tasting coffee and well worth the money. So far it seems to be really rather economical on the beans too.

best bean to cup coffee machinesThe De’Longhi ESAM2800 really is one of the Best Bean To Cup Coffee Machines around.  It averages 4.7 stars out of 5 on review, comes with a two year guarantee and is currently REDUCED from £349.99 to £241.10 with FREE DELIVERY.

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The Five Best Bean To Cup Coffee Machines


Best Bean To Cup Coffee Machines – Number 4

Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Barista Express Coffee Machine and Grinder

best bean to cup coffee machinesThe Sage Barista Express is fast becoming one of the most popular bean to cup coffee machines on the market.  It features a connical burr grinder with dose control, which requires some explaining!

The rich, creamy flavours found in espressos and cappuccinos, which come from the natural oils of the coffee bean, start to degrade as soon as a bean is ground. This coffee machine doesn’t just grind the beans straight into the filter, it also delivers the right amount of coffee, all at the push of a button.

It has 18 grind settings (from course to fine) to provide optimum espresso extraction, and it features an instant hot water function to make the perfect long black (and/or to pre-heat your cups).

Another impressive feature of the Sage is the low pressure pre-infusion function, which gently soaks the coffee, enabling it to expand before its high pressure extraction for a perfectly balanced taste.

And to top it all off (literally!) the Sage comes with a high pressure steam output for barista quality milk texturing.

According to the manufacturers with a dedicated hot water outlet, impressive steam pressure and dual and single wall filters, with the Barista Express you’ll move from novice to barista in no time at all.  And that seems to be the case for many a reviewer.

Here are a few recent examples:

“It’s like a coffee shop in my own home. The smell of freshly ground coffee fills the air. Absolutely love this machine. I’ve hardly used my kettle since christmas! Mastering the art of latte making, cockle warming hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and an espresso shot to keep me going all day. Easy to clean, easy instructions to follow, fun learning all the time how to get that perfect cup of coffee.”

The best thing we ever bought!!!Apart from the noise it makes while doing coffee, but isn’t exactly that the thing we love when we come to coffee shop???Does the best coffee in the world and is very easy to clean.

“Revolutionised my mornings.  Absolutely love this coffee machine. It has a small footprint which makes it ideal for kitchens with not a lot of workspace.

Impressive stuff!

best bean to cup coffee machinesThe Sage Barista Express Coffee Machine and Grinder averages 4.6 stars out of 5 from over 120 reviews.  It packs a punch with a powerful 1850 Watt motor and is available in chic black or stylish silver.  Currently REDUCED from £549.99 to £494.00 with FREE DELIVERY.

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The Five Best Bean To Cup Coffee Machines


Best Bean To Cup Coffee Machines – Number 3

Andrew James Premium Programmable Chrome Filter Coffee Maker With Integrated Bean Grinder

best bean to cup coffee machinesBoth the price and the performance guarantee a place for the Andrew James Programmable Coffee Maker in the top three best bean to cup coffee machines around.

In their own words “coffee is best enjoyed when it has been freshly ground and brewed. With the Andrew James Coffee Maker and Integrated Grinder, your coffee is made for you from bean to cup, ready whenever you are thanks to the programmable timer.”  What more could you want?  Well good coffee, obviously, but it certainly provides that.

Andrew James’ leading coffee machine comes with an integrated grinder.  All you do is add fresh coffee beans and water, and the machine does the rest for you.  According to the manufactuers “It grinds the beans, filters the coffee and produces delicious aromatic coffee in a matter of minutes.”

Once ground, the coffee passes through a mesh filter before dripping into a 1.5 litre glass carafe.  Underneath the carafe a hot plate keeps it warm for up to 30 minutes after brewing, and the anti-drip feature allows you to remove the carafe at any time whilst keeping the hot plate clean.

This coffee machine features a digital display, which is easy to use, as well as a ‘grind off’ function enabling you to use the percolator with pre-ground or filter coffee rather than whole beans.

Aesthetically it may not be quite as attractive perhaps as the Sage, but the Andrew James is still a nice looking machine and would be a good fit in any kitchen, a thought shared by plenty of reviewers.

Here are some examples:

“I would leave this coffee maker 6 stars if I could, the coffee it makes is fantastic and the timer is an added benefit, nothing like waking up to the smell of freshly ground coffee beans. It looks really expensive and feels heavy and sturdy, very well made, Fast delivery and excellent customer service.

“I have used a cafetiere for so long I’d forgotten how much better the aroma is from freshly ground beans. Makes excellent coffee and has the added advantage of keeping it hot for a delayed second cup. The design is well thought through – I’ve been using mine daily for a few weeks – no problems. One of the best value-for-money products I’ve bought for a long time.”

Best tasting coffee you’ll make at home! I brought this as a gift for my better half as he was using a hand grinder for coffee beans at the time. He loves it. Don’t let reviews about the grinder put you off, it is noisy but it’s grinding beans so what do best bean to cup coffee machinesyou expect? It’s very quick and coffee stays lovely and warm for ages after brewing. The timer is really handy too.”

The Andrew James Programmable Coffee Maker clearly deserves its place as one of the best bean to cup coffee machines out there.  It averages 4.3 stars out of 5 from 279 reviews and represents great value for money as it is currently REDUCED from £103.99 to £79.99.

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The Five Best Bean To Cup Coffee Machines


Best Bean To Cup Coffee Machines – Number 2

De’Longhi ECAM22.110.SB Fully Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

best bean to cup coffee machineThe ECAM22 is very popular, scoring consistently well on review. With it you can make the perfect espresso at the touch of a button, orr try your hand at cafe style milk based drinks like cappuccions and lattes. The cappuccino system in particular – which combines steam, air and milk to produce a rich creamy froth – is a lot of fun.

This coffee machine features a silent integrated grinder (much to the surprise of many reviewers) with 13 settings so that you can taylor your coffee to your preference.  You can also prepare two cups of coffee from the one brewing unit which is a nice bonus.

The ECAM22 has icon displays on the front making it very easy to use.  With the turn of a dial you can increase or decrease the coffee intensity to suit your taste.  By pressing the relevant button you can choose between short, medium or long coffees, try a strong or mild aroma, and enjoy your coffee piping hot, medium or at a lower temperature. Simple.

The machine can be used with either fresh coffee beans or with ground coffee and according to De’Longhi If you appreciate your coffee and want to bring the cafe to your home, you should try the ECAM22!

It really is one of the best bean to cup coffee machines on the market.  Here is what a few recent reviewers had to say about it:

“Coffee Heaven.  A fantastic coffee machine which delivers professional quality espresso coffee at home every time. Very clean in use, the coffee grains only have to be emptied when indicated by the warning light after approx 10 cups. A nice looking machine which after one weeks use has to rate as one of our happiest purchases ever.

best bean to cup coffee machinesFaultless.  Used almost everyday for over a year now! With no problems whatsoever. Very little cleaning needed, very easy to use and makes great coffee.

I bought this coffee machine because my daughter had one and I was so impressed by the coffee. I am delighted with mine too. I read the instructions carefully and found it easy to use, easy to clean as well as producing excellent coffee and being good to look at. What more could you want?


The De’Longhi ECAM22.110.SB Fully Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine averages an impressive 4.7 stars out of 5 from 75 reviews and is currently REDUCED to £469.99 with FREE DELIVERY.

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The Five Best Bean To Cup Coffee Machines


Best Bean To Cup Coffee Machines – Number 1

De’Longhi Magnifica ESAM4200 Bean to Cup Espresso/Cappuccino Coffee Machine

best bean to cup coffee machinesIt might seem like a bit of a clean sweep for De’Longhi, and in truth it is, however the quality of the reviews for their bean to cup coffee machines are unrivalled, and the ESAM4200 is quite simply the best-selling bean to cup coffee machine of all time.

It is marketed as “a must for any budding barista taking their first step into domestic bean-to-cup coffee machines.”  With it you can make an espresso or an Americano at the touch of a button, and the impressive milk frother enables you to make the perfect lungo, latte or cappuccino. The ESAM4200 produces 15-bar “restaurant and coffee house standard coffee in the comfort of your own home, and in the simplest way.”  The feedback, as we will see, supports that claim fairly conclusively.

It includes all of the features that you would typically find in a professional pump espresso machine on the high street or in a coffee bar, including as grinders, filter holders, and steam pipes.  The Magnifica ESAM4200 contains them all. De’Longhi has simply designed this impressive machine to compact them and store them insode the machine casing.  It really is an impressive piece of engineering. Even more so as you can perform all of these functions at the touch of a button.

As a summary overview the ESAM4200:

  • Is suitable for use with fresh coffee beans as well as ground coffee;
  • Includes a traditional stainless steel milk frothing arm;
  • Features a built-in burr grinder;
  • Has an advanced dual boiler system;
  • Comes with a removable brewing unit and drip tray;
  • Features and active cup warmer; and
  • Has an adjustable height dispenser

Oh, and it comes with a 2 year guarantee as well…not bad aye!

Here are some recent reviews which speak for themselves:

I don’t often write reviews, but this machine deserves every good word said about it. I have owned one for 3.5 years now, and it’s still going strong. So if reliability is what has you sitting on the fence, jump off and buy one.

“Excellent. We use this coffee machine in our small office (5 people) and it’s completely up to the Job. We use the Lavazza Red coffee beans and get great coffee everytime. I liked it so much that I couldn’t sleep at night, so I had to cut down my coffee consumption. Would recommend 100%”

“Great product, cleans itself everytime you turn it on and again after you press the off button so you know its clean. No cleaning involved really, just empty the coffee waste bin. Can change how coarse you want the beans ground and what strength you want your coffee at. Really like this product.”

“I spent ages researching which bean to cup coffee machine to go for and finally decided on the magnifica. What a great machine!”

best bean to cup coffee machinesSo there you have it.  Its the best!

The Magnifica ESAM4200 averages an impressive 4.5 stars out of 5 from an amazing 1,037 reviews.  It comes with a 2 year guarantee and incredibly it has just been REDUCED from £449.99 to £259.99 with FREE DELIVERY.

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